About Me

I was born on the 21st of May 1987 at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kings Lynn. From there I have always lived in the Lincolnshire town of Long Sutton.

I was first introduced to clay pigeon shooting by my father John & brother Martin who for many years shot for fun and competitively in the discipline of sporting.  My interest in clay pigeon shooting grew from an early age from spending time with my father who would take me along with him to watch shoots and I also learnt the art of carrying the cartridges for the both my father and brother.

When I was 9 years old I got my first shotgun certificate.  From this my father would allow me to have a go on the skeet range from time to time.  Soon to follow I had a burning desire to get more into shooting and my father gave me the opportunity to have a few lessons in the safety and basics in all disciplines.

This is when I came across a discipline called Olympic Trap from the very first clay I shot I fell in love with it. With constant pestering to my father to take me shooting we went to a shooting ground called East Yorkshire Gun Club near Beverly, where I met a gentleman called Billy Walker.  Billy took me under his guidance and became my first teacher in trap shooting, within a short space of time Billy nurtured me and thought I was ready to try and have a go in my first competition, so at the age of 12 my father took me to my first competition which was an Olympic Trap British selection shoot held at Southern Counties Shooting Ground.  This is where I finished on a qualifying score of 177/200 and a place in the Great Britain Junior Team.

From then on I have continued to represent Great Britain regularly for the past 9 years, some of my best results to-date was winning the World and European Championships in Olympic trap and universal trench as a junior.

When I am not shooting I enjoy relaxing at my family's home with my Mum Lyn and Dad John.

I would like to say a special thank you to my Mum and Dad for making me happen and for giving me the opportunity to fulfill my dream as a professional shooter.

A big thank you to my brother Martin who spent endless hours on constructing my website with his wife Becky, also to my little big sister Katie and her family for their huge support.